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مزید پڑھنے کے لیے فیس بُک پر شیر کر کے پیج کو رفریش کریں
شیر کرنے کے لیے شیر بٹن پر دبائیں شکریہ



Hafiz Tasawar Attari Naats is surely the Top Sana Khu’wans around the world. He is recognized all over Pakistan for his Naat Khuwani. His heart touching and soulful voice has the tendency to grab millions of hearts worldwide. His Naats are filled with love and devotion for Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم). This voice quality, unique style of expressing, and dedication gained his immense fame, popularity, and love from his fans in Pakistan and worldwide.

There are many of Hafiz Tasawar Attari’s Naats fans worldwide who deeply admire him.

Hafiz Tasawar Attari Naats has released several beautiful albums, despite having taken no formal training. Hafiz Tasawar Attari has traveled to many Mehfil e Naat in many cities to recite Mp3 Naats as well as for preaching of Islam. In Islamabad the city of Pakistan, there are more than two million people who attended one of his Naat Khuwan Performance and regarded him as a beautiful Naat Khuwan. Awais Raza Qadri naats create the record for most number of attendees in a Naat Khuwan. In the course of his performances, Hafiz Tasawar Attari advises young people to learn the knowledge of Islam. You can find a treasure of Hafiz Tasawar Attari Naats 2018 here.

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hafiz tasawar attari
Hafiz Tasawar Attari

Among the top most Naat Khawans that Pakistan has ever produced, the name of Hafiz Tasawar Attari occupies an eminent space.

After reciting this Naat, Allah gave him so much respect and people started loving me. Then the process went on and Hafiz Tasawar Attari recited Naats not only in Pakistan but also almost in every country wherever Muslims live. Read more